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Marine welding is something very few welders are able to perform. Marine welding requires a special set of skill sets.

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The welders have to know what kind of welding will stay durable underwater, under high pressure, freezing temperature and high salt content environment. Understanding the right marine welding methods can go a long way.
Hire professionals who know how to weld all kinds of marine structures, commercial or domestic. Our welders not only wedl parts of ships but also underwater pipelines, rigs, tanks, and other marine structures. Our welding have gone through comprehensive training making them highly efficient in marine welding procedures. Marine welding may or may not be done underwater, depending on the requirement. If the structure can be welded on the ground and then taken in the water, we can do that. If the welding needs to be done in water, we have proper equipment to do that as well. Because of adverse conditions in water, the welding needs to be strong and highly effective against rust and water damage. Our marine welders can perform hyperbaric welding which requires a sealed chamber around the area that needs to be welded. This gives dry welding opportunity and makes welding easier to some extent. There is also wet welding that is done within water. Our skilled and proficient welders go beyond and use their knowledge of effective welding to build marine structures.
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Since ARC is the main method used by marine welders. Stainless steel is the most used metal in marine structures. ARC welded steel metal parts are durable and stay strong in water, even in salt water. Our welders know how to perform ARC welding like pro. You can be assured you are getting the best when you hire welders through us. Give us a call today for free estimates.


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