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Oftentimes the fuel tanks available in the market do not fulfil your needs, a custom build tank is much more effective. With a custom build tank you can expand the fuel efficiency of your tank. Many times the tank you have does fulfil your fuel efficiency or is too big for the fuel you need and takes up much more space.
You can also adjust to different places in the tank. Whether it’s the shape or certain outlets, with a custom made fuel tank you can change it. If you are building a tank for your boat you might want to personalize it to suit the aesthetics of your boat. You can change to to suit your exact requirements Welding Gold Coast has become the largest customer builder of fuel tanks in Gold Coast, providing a variety of welding projects, specializing in fuel tanks but also providing many other services. We can construct it if you can draw it to show how you want your custom tank. We also build commercial tanks for big oil rigs and corporate companies. Our guidance has offered a faultless finished product and the highest quality of customer support for over 30 years. We began with the establishment of a reputation for industry honesty. Today, we are proud to retain the newest manufacturing technologies when implementing these concepts. The procurement and fitting of fuel tanks for happy customers is a function of the Fuel and Lubrication capabilities.
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 No matter what kind of tank you need: such as Steel onground horizontal tanks, vertical steel tanks, overhead steel tanning, self-bounding tanks, single and double wall fiberglass underground fuel storage tanks, glass (outer / state internal fiberglass) tanks, stainless steel tanks, aircraft fuel storage tanks. We can build them all. Give us a call for more info.


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