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Are you looking for reliable welding services in the Gold Coast? You have come to the right place/ We provide quality welding for commercial and residential needs.

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We work with some of the best welders who have years of experience in the field of welding, welding different kinds of metals and constructing various metal structures for the people of Gold Coast. We can cut and weld metals such as aluminium, steel, iron, etc. We are considered one of the best welders Gold Coast has to offer. If you need quality aluminum welding Gold Coast’s best aluminum welders will be sent at your location.

The techniques and processes used for welding are complicated and should only be handled by professionals. Our Mobile welding services send out professionals welders. They are trained in all kinds of welding techniques. Whether it is butt joints, T joints, corner joints. Edge joints, cruciform joints, or lap joints, they can perform all kinds of welding joints with ease.

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Mobile Welder Gold Coast

Our mobile welding team will carry all the necessary equipment and machinery to carry out a thorough welding. If you need welding for metal such as stainless steel, aluminium, nickel and copper alloys, Arc method is used where two metal parts are joined. Heat is used to drip the metal filler in the joints. The ARC method is quite popular for building automobile parts, automobile repairs, tank building, and building metal structures that need to be strong. Our mobile team will come fully equipped at your location on time. Just tell us which time will be feasible for us and our team will be there. We work hand in hand with companies, industries and individuals to complete projects and give professionals welding services. We understand what makes metal parts stick better, how to do it right so it stays durable and how to make it strong. We believe in affordable service without compromising on the quality. The welders we send you are tested for skill and work experience. We want to give you pay to authentic work and trust with our projects no matter how big or small it is.


Welding is one of the essential things needed when you are making structures. Whether it’s metal tanks, tailor frames, fences, gates, or any other thing, welding is quite widely used. Welding is one of the most essential needs during building of infrastructures. Whether it’s public infrastructure, commercial or residential. From bridges to the fence in your yard needs professionally welded metal parts. Cras, trailers, buses, boats and many other public transport need welded metal sheets on the vehicle body. We have welded machine parts, building structures, vehicle structures and many other metals structures with welding machines. We skilled professionals how to safely and efficiently weld metal pieces to complete your work. We do resistance welding, laser welding, electron welding, friction welding and ARC welding. Depending on what type of welding will be perfect for the work, we will use the welding method. For example, fiction welding is used for non-weldable parts such as aluminium alloys that might not be as effectively joined my heat welding.

Aluminium Welding Gold Coast

Our welders in Gold Coast perform aluminium welding for various requirements. Welding aluminium is more tricky than other metals such as steel or iron. Aluminum is more likely to get damage if wrong welding methods are used and the welded parts won’t be as strong. Since the melting point of aluminum is lower than steel, lower temperature welding equipment or friction welding is used for aluminium welding. Our welders know the challenges that can arise during aluminium welding and know how to handle them well. They will choose the right filler material and weld the aluminum perfectly.

Marine Welding

Welding underwater or welding structures that will remain in the water or go underwater requires a special set of skill set. Our welders repair and make various underwater or marine structures such as pipelines, ships, dams, sub-sea habitats, oil rigs, etc. Marine welding needs extreme care and years of knowledge in the department. Our company consists of highly trained professionals who have been trained for marine welding.

Trailer Repair Gold Coast

Our mobile trailer repairs will help you with all kinds of trailer breakdown no matter where you are in Gold Coast or the surrounding suburbs. WE can repair and weld your trailer hitch. We can fix breaks in the frame or axle. We understand it is not possible to drive or haul a heavy trailer to the nearest repair shop. That’s why our company provides mobile services at your location at an affordable price. Our team will carry all the necessary equipment and tools to carry on minor installation and repairs for your trailer. No matter what metal, aluminium or steel, needs repair we can take care of it. With years of knowledge in the field of welding has made us one of the best.

Custom Fuel Tank

If you need to upgrade your present fuel tank to something smaller or bigger, we can help. Our Gold Coast Welders work with the latest technology to build custom fuel tanks. We can build fuel tanks according to your requirements. Our team can make horizontal or vertical tanks, overhead tanks, or on the ground. The metal used is typically stainless steel however a fiberglass outer shell is often constructed for better strength.

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